IceWelcome to Tri-Mi Stables and Kennel! 

Hi, My name is "Ice". I'm the barn manager of Tri-Mi Stables.  Linda picked me out of all the other puppies to be her best friend.  Besides my job at Tri-Mi, I'm a theapy dog at Hartville Care Center where I do tricks for all the residents and make them laugh. 

Occassionaly I get to go to shows and my favorite things is riding in the golf cart.  I hate all the goofy stuff Linda makes me wear but if it makes her happy I guess it's worth it. 

I also try to be a good watch dog but really I'm just watching for someone to pet me.

It's a good life!

Tri-Mi Stables is the home to many World Champions and World Grand Champions.

Let us assist you in getting your next Champion ready or let us show it for you.   We can find the perfect horse for you if you are looking for one.  We have a huge source of contacts to help you find that perfect fortrotter.

We have been showing successfully for over 40 years and are knowledgeable and have proven it in our past and present champions.

Welcome to our newly designed site!  We have opted to do a no firlls site so that our dial up customers may have as much fun looking at our ventures as easily as our high speed ones.  Images are small thumbnails for easy loading and easily clickable.  Grab you a cup of coffee and come on in and see what we're all about!

Welcome to Tri-Mi Stables We'd Love to help you obtain your next Champion.   Come on in and see some of our Champions over the years and let us help you decide if your next horse can be that next World Grand Champion ! !