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About Linda Shaddy

Linda in 1964My family has always owned and rode Missouri Fox Trotters and I was riding horses before I could walk.  My involvement with horses stated at a very early age.  The Hightower's owned many of the foundation stock that started the breed.  I owe a lot to my family.  Without their help and support I could not have achieved all that I have.  I would go with my uncles and cousin to the horse shows and different training barns learning all that I could.  My cousin Charley would take me to shows and let me ride his horses.  He took me to my first Show & Celebration when I was 14.  I got to skip school every year to attend the Celebration.  We started out hauling to shows in pickup trucks with racks on them.  Charley finally got a 2 horse trailer and I thought we were high class!

I started showing on a pony named "Rocky".  He was my first horse and will always have a special place in my heart.  We would bounce along on trial rides always keeping up wit the foxtrotters.  Keeping up was not easy but I was so happy to get to go I managed some how to keep up.  Rocky started my life long obsession that my parents sure I would out grow.  That just didn't happen.

I showed Quarter Horses and Appaloosa's for several years.  I still admire those two breeds but, as I got older the smooth ride of a foxtrotter grew more appealing.  After a stint in the Marine Corp, I decided to sell my last Appaloosa and get totally into Missouri Fox Trotters. 

I worked for Jim Hufft for a few years and then with Ogle Stables.  Back then it was a lot different atmosphere.  The Horse Show people spent a lot of time visiting each others barns and taking their horses to ride at different barns.  It was a lot of fun and everyone was like a big extended family.

In 1983 I moved back home to Grovespring and started Tri-Mi Stables and Kennel.  It started out small with a 2 stall barn.  I moved to with a  in 1986 and showed in Northern & Southern California for the 1987 season. It was a lot of fun but I missed Missouri.

In Memory of Ace's Black Velvet on the Cover of the Trainers VoiceI bought my mare "Ace's Black Velvet" back to Missouri for the 1987 Celebration.  She was crowned World Champion Sr. Mare and also 1987 World Grand Champion Model Horse.  She was one of the few mares to achieve that title.  At that time the Champion Stake Class wasn't divided.  The mares had to show against the stallions and geldings.

"Aces Black Velvet" gave me my start in my breeding program.  She produced 10 foals and 9 of them went on tot win either World Champion or World Grand Champion titles.  Most of the Tri-Mi horses go back to Velvet.

Linda and Velvet the horse that started it allWhat started as se 2 stall barn in 1983 gradually became a large training facility with a indoor arena and 16 stalls. 

In 2005 I lost it all to a fire.  It was a horrible experience and I do not wish to ever experience anything like that again.  It has been difficult to build everything back but with a lot of support and encouragement Tri-Mi Stables was rebuilt.  I would like to thank everyone that contributed financially, emotionally, or physically to help me rebuild my life and Tri-Mi .  you will never know how much it means to me.  THANK YOU!Linda Shaddy and Friend

    Please feel free to email or call me at 417-462-3660. You may want to call before coming by, I’d hate to miss you.


     Linda and Sunrise's Alibi Linda Riding Alibi

About Janet Cunningham: 
Janet is the quite one of Tri-Mi Stables, she does most of the grooming and preparation of the show horses.

The Cunningham'sShe has a vast knowledge of the Fox Trotting Breed.  She is part of one of the foremost foxtrotting families of the breed, "The Cunninghams"  The Cunningham's raised, showed stood at stud some of the best of the breed such as "Ginger", "Princess Joy", "Missouri Missy", "Missouri Outlaw", "Apollo Traveler" and last but not least the Famous "Missouri Traveler E. and Southern Jazz"Janet and Mom at 23rd Annual Celebration

She is helping to bring the best of the performance fox trotters into Tri-Mi's Breeding program.

Janet at the 26th Annual CelebrationIn 2009 Janet's son Zack Cunningham carried on the family tradition by winning the Mid America Youth Champion Model and 2009 S&C at Ava MFTHBA Youth Model Stud and Gelding Championship.



        3 Generations of Cunningham's
    Above-3 Generations of Cunningham's

    Roses and Rainbows and Zack, 2008 Mid-America Youth Model Champion